Jennifer Miller (Copyright Diana Levine) Jennifer Miller (Copyright Diana Levine)

The heat may be slowing you down, but not Washington-born novelist Jennifer Miller.

Today marks the start of her crazy-sounding plan to promote the paperback edition of her debut novel, “The Year of the Gadfly”: She’ll attempt to visit 100 book clubs this month. We caught up with her at the starting gate.

Get ready — Set — Discuss!

Does it look like you’ll make it to 100 by the end of July?

I’ve got 80 book clubs signed up, so I may not reach 100. But 80 book clubs in a single month is a freaking lot of book clubs! Of course, I will happily add any more clubs that want to sign up. There’s still an entire month ahead.

How can you possibly travel around the country that fast?

I’ll visit almost all of the clubs on Skype, with a few others using Google Hangout, Spreecast and even Twitter. There are also a handful of live events. I’ll be attending a book club night at One More Page in Arlington on July 17. They’ve got at least four book clubs coming into the store.

What’s the most distant club you’ll talk to this month from your home in Brooklyn?

That’s probably a tie among Boring, Ore., San Diego, Calif., and Seattle, Wash. Someone in India contacted me on Twitter, but never followed up. I think the time difference made that a bit difficult to arrange.

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Have you received any odd responses from book clubs? 

Initially, a few of the clubs misunderstood the premise. One club thought I was trying to visit as many clubs as possible and read the specific books that they’d already chosen. A few other clubs misunderstood my publisher’s offer to provide a free book to each club; they thought I was giving a free book to each book club member. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the project.

Honestly, is this a sane way to sell books?

It’s probably not sane, but it’s definitely effective. Here’s the thing: Just like publishing is a crowded market, the book club “market” is equally crowded. I don’t think it’s that special anymore to have an author visit a book club because most authors are willing to do it. Authors need book clubs much more than the clubs need us. And since a club only picks one book a month, I wanted to do something unique to entice them to pick “The Year of the Gadfly.” Setting an official world record is me telling these clubs: I’m so eager to reach you that I’m willing to give up my entire July to meet you and talk with you.