Patti Stanger, the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ is moving from hookups to home accents. This month she debuted her curator’s collection with Joss & Main titled “Hollywood Love Nest.” Which seems appropriate, as Stanger is now co-habitating with her boyfriend, David Krause (ICYMI: He asked her to move in on the season finale of her Bravo show.) But what do matchmaking and home decorating have to do with one another? Turns out a lot, as Stanger told The Post’s Veronica Toney.

Patti Stanger (L) and David Krause (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for C.Wonder and Patron)

How did you end up partnering with Joss & Main?

When I was decorating my house this last year, we were picking out lots of odds and ends, and I found a lot of items on Joss & Main.

 What was your inspiration for the picks in your “Hollywood Love Nest” collection?

Hotels that are all beige, that’s not sexy. For a woman, I always think of the guy. Women need a va-va-voom piece. You have to have sex in your house. If you don’t have sex in your home [décor], you have no love in your life.

Many of your picks have a touch of glamor, such as gold leaf accents, tufted headboards, mirrored surfaces, ghost chairs and even a faux fur polar bear rug.  Who are you envisioning with these picks?

I’m envisioning women buying this for their home. Women need to think about the men; they usually get thrown under the bus when it comes to decorating. You have to think about the man you will be living with. David got a man cave, but there’s a chandelier. I actually turned him onto my style through the process.

What do you think are the most important things to remember when decorating your home as a couple?

An online retailer is the best. You sit at a computer. You make those decisions, split second. Men like the one, two, three, get in, and get out. That’s the secret. It’s like SATs — the first answer is the best answer. Women, we are the ho-hummers.

Your picks were pretty traditional, but the “His” and “Her” pillow designs are more modern.

Modern, that’s my style. But, I like mixing the old and new. Sometimes those vintage pieces take a lot of work, so I choose pieces that have a vintage feel. David likes the 18th century stuff, but I can’t have that everywhere.

My personality is functional. I like a hip, cool vibe. Not a lot of tchotchkes. Whether it’s sexy and cool it has to be comfortable. Functionality mixed with comfort and glamor.

 What are your must-have pieces in a home?

  1. A great couch. I’m not a fan of leather unless it’s in a living room. Most people don’t sit in the living room, it’s a show piece during a cocktail party. The couch in the family room needs to be comfortable. It’s were you’ll be making out before going to the bedroom.
  2. For the bedroom, a headboard. I like plush headboards so you can lean your head against it when reading.
  3. Lighting! When the sun goes down, you need high voltage, tall lamps to bounce light off the ceiling. You can change the bulbs to red or pinks to mix it up.
  4. I’m obsessed with chandeliers.
  5. Croc-mock, it’s durable and men are obsessed with it.
  6. Mirrors are good Feng Shui. It’s called a cure. It blocks the chi so that it flows smoothly through the home. My house has really messed up chi, so there are lots of cures, mirrors.


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