Summer brain drain isn’t just for children. Join the Washington Post’s virtual summer book club and make sure you’ll always have an enthralling new read, and energetic company to chat about it with — courtesy of our Book World team. This month, we’re reading “Beautiful Ruins” by D.C.- native Jess Walter.

To make discussions easier, we’ve started a group on Goodreads, a social network for finding, sharing and discussing books. We’ll use our Washington Post Reads group to discuss “Beautiful Ruins,” so join here. You can also subscribe to our book reviews on Goodreads to see what our critics thought alongside your friends’ opinions on new books.

With so many questions posed at the end of the “Beautiful Ruins” review, we’ll have plenty to discuss as we read throughout the month:

What does that leave? This is the central question of the book. What is left us in a world of cliches? What can we imagine when our deepest visions come from movies? What is authentic? What endures? The beautiful ruins of Italy? The ruins of youth? The myths we tell ourselves? Delicately, Walter suggests a difference between public ruins and private memory. In perhaps his finest touch, the last revelation in the book happens off camera and offstage.

Happy Reading!