More often than not, actors and actresses nominated for an Emmy have had plenty of experience in various roles that most viewers may or may not remember.

What began with the realization that at least two of this year’s contenders starred in the ’80s classic “The Princess Bride” led to a spiral down the pages of IMDB here at Style Blog. The search led to a few entertaining results of teen dramas and classic sitcoms.

Here are a few of our choice findings:

“The Princess Bride” (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

1. Claire Underwood is the Princess Bride, alongside Saul, once known as Inigo Montoya.

Yes, our beloved, impossibly high-cheek-boned Robin Wright once starred in a fairy tale film with a sword-fighting Mandy Patinkin. It’s no wonder young Fred Savage had to stay up late to hear the tale.

2. Peggy Olsen was Zoey Bartlet.

Its hard to believe that Elisabeth Moss was once the precocious daughter of a liberal president. But “West Wing” fanatics can look back fondly and remember when the now advertising copywriter was once harboring feelings for Dule Hill.

A typical ‘walk-and-talk’ scene from “West Wing.” NBC Photo: Kevin Foley

3. Mrs. Brody was in “The O.C.”

Morena Baccarin played a small role as Henry Griffin’s daughter Maya in the ill-fated third season of the So-Cal teen drama. This fact is often forgotten because, let’s face it, everyone was focused on Marissa shooting Ryan’s brother then dying in a car accident. Show over.

4. Shane Oman is Mike Faber.

Before he was making out with Mrs. Brody behind his best friend’s back on “Homeland,” Diego Klattenhoff was making out with Regina George in the projection room above the auditorium in “Mean Girls.”

This fact was widely reported a few months ago but hasn’t ceased to blow our collective minds.

5. Carrie Mathison was Angela Chase.

To some, Claire Danes may forever be crazy-eyed Carrie Mathison. To others, she’ll stay Angela Chase of “My So Called Life.” Still others won’t forget the jealousy over her role as Juliet next to Leonardo DiCaprio at the peak of our Leo crushes.

Claire Danes in ‘My So-Called Life’ TV series. CREDIT: MARK SELIGER – ORG XMIT

6. Peter Quinn is ‘that generic British male role’ and Mr. Wickham.

Possibly evil Quinn, a.k.a. Ruper Friend, was the definitely no-good Mr. Wickham in the Keira Knightley version of “Pride and Prejudice.” He also starred in “The Young Victoria” and a slew of other British romances.

Emily Blunt portrays Queen Victoria, right, and Rupert Friend portrays Prince Albert in a scene from “The Young Victoria.” (AP Photo/Apparition Films, Liam Daniel)

7. Vada has grown up to be Amy Brookheimer.

“Veep” has been a success on many levels. A funny, female-led comedy about American politics. And the return of Anna Chlumsky, whom we have missed dearly since weeping over Macaulay Culkin’s death in “My Girl.”

8. Molly Flynn was Sookie St. James.

Before “Bridesmaids” and “Mike & Molly,” Melissa McCarthy was Stars Hollow’s favorite chef in the unrealistically fast-dialogued “Gilmore Girls.”

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