Kristen Wiig is back in a young-woman-hits-bottom comedy that looks like a saving grace for those who are tired of sending “Bridesmaids” gifs to their put-together friends and family to explain their emotional and or financial states.

The plot, as seen in the trailer, seems like a series of events that many young women fear, not far off from the tag line for HBO’s “Girls” (“Almost getting it kind of together”): keeping life in order, while coping with financial troubles, relationship issues and the general difficulties of being a single female in this cruel world.

Here’s a breakdown, in gif form:

Act 1

A dream job opens. Everyone is complimenting your excellent accomplishments.

Date a perfect, socially acceptable guy.

Act 2

Lose job and/or break up with boyfriend. Have mental breakdown and move back in with parents.

Panic even more because you know what living at home will be like.

Act 3

Confront issues with parents.

Start having fun again and fall in love with guy who may or may not be appropriate for you.

Act 4

Overcome emotional issues and begin putting pieces back together.