The Duchess of Cambridge may be the only new mom-to-be with news crews camped outside the hospital today, waiting for word on her special delivery. But she’s not, of course, the only one to be admitted to a hospital this morning.

At the maternity ward at Inova Fairfax Hospital, news of the impending royal delivery didn’t seem to have filtered down to the patients there.

“I don’t know if they even know honestly,” said nurse Tracy Roberts. “None of them have said anything about it yet. I don’t know if they know what is going on outside of here.”

Charlotte Chastin, a nurse at Howard University Hospital, noted that, understandably, most of the women she has seen this morning were a little preoccupied. “Delivery is a very consuming process and I don’t think any mother-to-be is aware of anything else going on,” she said. “But I think after, when they find out, they will say, ‘Oh, that is nice. I have my own royal baby.’ ”

At least one woman has already profited from going into labor along with a Duchess, said Josh Ross of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital maternity ward.

“None of the moms coming in have known,” that the royal baby is also on its way, he said. “But one found out when she turned on the TV and she turned to a nurse and said ‘Ha! I just won 5 bucks from my husband!”


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