Late last month the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced through a spokesperson that they would not restrict the sale of baby memorabilia surrounding the birth of their first child — essentially giving the green light to tchotchke makers everywhere to produce as much baby-themed merchandise as they could churn out.

“The birth of the Duke and Duchess’s baby should be a joyous occasion, and we recognize there is a long and happy history of people producing souvenirs to mark royal occasions,” the spokesperson said.

Sales of memorabilia and money spent on celebrating the birth are expected to reach $373 million (or 243 million British pounds). The total could top the amount spent on memorabilia from the royal wedding, which hit $250 million (163 million British pounds).

Most pieces will not appreciate much in value according to the Telegraph. Meaning those baby key chains will probably won’t get much interest on ebay in 10 years. For those looking for money-makers, Richard Westwood-Brookes, a historical documents specialist at Mullock’s Auctioneers, told the Telegraph he recommends purchasing items such as cheap tea-towels and trays, or even paper napkins that most people will throw away, which might increase their scarcity in the market.

For the rest of us, those tea cups will be pleasant reminders of a memorable baby watch, collecting dust on our desks.

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