The moment the Great Kate Wait came to an end on Monday, some networks started scrambling on how to capitalize on the news for the best wall-to-wall coverage.

CNN has been getting the majority of the headlines from a report that aired earlier in the day Monday: As senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reported a segment on the medical differences between giving birth in the United States versus London (apparently during UK births, it’s common to use laughing gas to ease the pain), she interviewed a woman who was in labor:

ABC will air a “20/20” special on Tuesday night at 10. The hour-long segment, called “The Royal Baby: Heir to the Throne” is anchored by Barbara Walters, with Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Lama Hasan reporting from London. According to the network, the special will answer all the questions you never knew you had, like how his late grandmother, Diana, will influence his life, and what qualifications a nanny needs to look after the royal baby.

NBC, on the other hand, had no time to waste, and immediately yanked an episode of “Siberia” off the schedule in place of a one-hour “Dateline” special called “The Little Price,” hosted by Natalie Morales. A recap of sorts, the special looked back at the last couple of weeks waiting for the child to be born, and showed, step by step, how the public was notified.

Meanwhile, CBS, easily the most underwhelmed among all the news divisions by the royal birth, decided not to air a primetime special — and in some markets, didn’t even break from its daytime programming for the baby announcement around 3:30 p.m. on Monday. Though in Washington, WUSA offered a special report about 10 minutes after the announcement.

Of course, on the cable side, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC had the news on air immediately, between wall-to-wall coverage — CNN also re-aired its primetime report from last week, called “Will and Kate Plus One.”

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