Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

Ikonika. (Photo by Georg Gatas)


There’s a quirky allure to the music of Sara Abdel-Hamid, a young Brit producer who goes by Ikonika. Her second album, “Aerotropolis,” is sonic wallpaper for dance floor wallflowers, equally inspired by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s freestyle bubble gum and Brian Eno’s ambient meditations on air travel. Dance to it, ignore it, or dance to it while hoping the universe is ignoring you.


Not to be confused with Baltimore rock duo Weekends, Canadian R&B singer the Weeknd, or Canadian power-pop band the Weekend, this San Francisco rock threesome has a new album – winkingly titled “Jinx” – and it’s filled with tightly-wound rock songs that give off an icy-hotness that shouldn’t be confused with the effervescent reveries of New Order, the Cure or the Jesus and Mary Chain.

South Rail

On its eponymous debut EP, this local trio makes some confident strides into that folk-ish, country-ish, southern-rock-ish DMZ known as “Americana.” Singers Jay Byrd and Lara Supan are simpatico co-pilots, threading these songs with honeyed vocal harmonies. And if you’d like to sing along, South Rail has five gigs booked around the beltway in the coming weeks – visit for details.