The second episode of season 12 of “Project Runway” airs tonight at 9 p.m. — and thus far we’re feeling a bit underwhelmed. Not by the talent of the designers, despite the mess that was the parachute challenge. Seriously Sandro with that jumpsuit? And what is with skydiving as a season opener? (We’re looking at you too, “Top Chef.”)

Our major qualms are with the judges. For a full 10 seasons the snark-level of the “Project Runway” judges was the main draw. Now, as the second season sans Michael Kors gets underway, we’re forced to acknowledge that the outrageous analogies of the famed designer are mostly gone forever. While Posen tries (“It’s like Tinkerbell at Burning Man.” “She’s like a slutty cat toy.”), the pithy shoes may be too large to fill.

In honor of the new season — and the show’s Emmy nomination — here are a few of our favorite “Korsisms” from past shows:

“You’re a mess just standing. So traveling you’re going to be like a homeless person.” – Season 3, episode 9.

“Next thing you know, it’s big button earrings and you’re on ‘The Facts of Life.'” – Season 4, episode 2.

“Scarlett O’Hara ripped drapes down and made a couture dress…this, she ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door.” – Season 4, episode 8.

“She’s like the mother of the bride who is a belly dancer.” – Season 8, episode 1.

“I mean she looks like a transvestite flamanco dancer at a funeral.” – Season 8, episode 3.

“He looks like Peter Brady at the harvest festival.” Season 9, episode 9.

“To me, she just looks like Rigatoni Mad Max. It’s kind of like when you stare at a cloud and you start seeing things.” – Season 10, episode 2.

“It’s like a hairdressing smock. Like she was cutting her hair, there was a fire in the beauty salon, she belted it and she ran out in her zebra dress.” – Season 10, episode 4.

“He looks like a cheap version of Gilligan who wandered in from a Luau.” – Season 11, episode 2.