A regular feature in which we assess the quality of a pop song trending online.

The artist: The Backstreet Boys, now Backstreet Men, ages 33 to 41, are back (again).

The song: It’s a cute fidelity pledge with acoustic guitars and a pounding club beat — and since it’s a Backstreet Boys song, all five join in for the chorus: “In a world like this, where some back down… I know we’re gonna make it.”

It’s trending: With the group’s new album dropping Tuesday, the song’s music video is still adding eyeballs to the million-plus views its enjoyed since landing on YouTube on July 19. Some of that attention has come from a feel-good scene late in the video that depicts a couple watching a same-sex wedding on the evening news.

But is it good? Can five grown men trying to sound like One Direction be good? Can five grown men trying to dress like One Direction be forgiven? Alas, being irritated by the Backstreet Boys in 2013 is a far more egregious waste of energy than listening to them in 2013, so let’s all just move it along, shall we?