It’s been a very shark-filled summer, and as usual, Discovery Channel happily continues the trend with its annual Shark Week.

Great White Shark on Discovery’s Shark Week. (Discovery Channel)

Though the famous inflatable Chompie is missing from the Silver Spring headquarters this year, the cable channel has lined up six days of shark-themed programming through Friday. In addition to new late-night talk show “Sharks After Dark,” which airs each day at 11 p.m. to further discuss shark madness, here are some of the most intriguing offerings.

“Voodoo Sharks” (Monday at 10) As if regular sharks aren’t scary enough: Shrimp fisherman in Louisiana bayous apparently call bull sharks “voodoo sharks,” as they are somehow able to thrive in salt and fresh water seas.

“I Escaped Jaws” (Tuesday at 9) This hour looks at survivors who were able to to escape terrifying shark attacks, though not without injuries. Included: Nicole Moore, a nurse who went for a swim during vacation in Mexico had her arm bitten off, and Paul de Gelder, a navy diver who lost an arm and leg.

“Top 10 Sharkdown” (Wednesday at 9) Fun fact: Some sharks have babies who eat each other while they’re in the womb. Where do they fall on the list of 10 most “amazing” sharks?

“Sharkpocalypse” (Thursday at 9) As The Post’s Juliet Eilperin wrote in her article about shark attacks last week, “What are the chances of getting attacked by a shark? In a phrase: Extraordinarily low — though not nonexistent.” In a related note, this speical looks at the disconnect between shark populations declining (because of shark-finning) and a higher number of attacks.