A regular feature in which we assess the quality of a pop song trending online.

The artist: 27-year-old Lady Gaga, who until now, spent the summer promoting her forthcoming album “Artpop” by appearing on the Internet without clothing.

The song:  It’s an unsurprising electro-pop sugar cube with Gaga seeking our approval in a voice somewhere between Annie Lennox and David Bowie.

It’s trending: According to Gaga’s Twitter account, she leaked the song on Monday in order to combat leaks. Or was it to combat Katy Perry? The rival pop singer also released her new single, “Roar,” over the weekend.

But is it good? It’s good. Maybe even slow clap good. Because while so many (too many!) of Gaga’s songs have been designed to boost the esteem of her flock, this song finds her openly pining for the mass-adulation that all superstars need to survive. “Put your hands up,” she sings during the refrain, but do it for her: “Make them touch!” Clunkier lyrics about art and culture come later, but the hook stands as a weird blend of transparency and abandon.