In the latest segment of the Kanye/papparazi saga, the rapper is being sued by photographer Daniel Ramos for an alleged assault that occurred in July at LAX. Famed attorney Gloria Allred, who has built her career on many high profile cases, filed the suit in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Allred’s involvement gives the filing a hefty dose of buzz — she has represented notable clients including Nicole Brown Simpson, and is currently working with Irene McCormack Jackson, who was the first woman to go public with allegations of sexual harassment against embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Though in traditional Allred form, the specific incident in question doesn’t seem to be the sole issue.

“We are concerned that celebrity support for an attack on photographers will increase the risk of harm to them,” Allred said in a statement to the press.

The incident touched a nerve with several other celebrities, who have expressed their sentiments via Twitter.


Kanye is far from the only celebrity to let anger with photographers spill over. Justin Beiber has had several recent scrapes as of late, one resulting in an ongoing civil suit in Miami, and another involving his Ferrari in L.A. for which the district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges.

Russell Brand similarly shoved a photographer who was trying to take photos of him and then-wife Katie Perry in 2010, and allegedly threw a photographer’s phone through a window in New Orleans in 2012.

Whether or not Allred will be able to make an example out of the Kanye case is hard to tell — the L.A. County district attorney’s office declined to file felony assault and attempted robbery charges.