A staple of the front row at Lakers’ games and viral videos starring Jennifer Lawrence, 76-year-old actor Jack Nicholson is the latest star that the Internet is trying to send into retirement, perhaps before he’s ready.

Gossip site RadarOnline has a “well-placed Hollywood film insider” saying that Nicholson, whose latest film was “How Do You Know” from 2010, has quietly retired from show business. Naturally, the story went viral.

Unfortunately for them, Nicholson’s reps have not commented, and some are already shooting down the rumors as ridiculous; NBC’s Maria Shriver told E! Online that the Nicholson’s impending retirement is “100% false.”

As a plus for Nicholson, this led to photo galleries fondly looking back on the Academy Award-winning actor’s best roles, from “The Shining” to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to “A Few Good Men.” And, this video: