(Washington Post/Timothy R. Smith) (Washington Post/Timothy R. Smith)

James Q. Wilson — to the bookstore, stat!

The huge front window of Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle was broken last week by a drunken pedestrian.

An employee at the fabled bookstore said that early in the morning of Sept. 1, a couple of drunk guys were walking along Connecticut Ave when one of them pushed his friend into the store’s window. It shattered, and the guys wobbled off. Some Kramer employees chased them down and brought them back, but when the police arrived, they refused to let the store press charges.

A manager told InTheCapital that the accident caused “about $500 to $800 worth of damage to the books. . . . . And we’re still waiting on the glass, which has to be custom made.”

A piece of plywood over the window reads:


Drunks: 1

Window: 0

It’s a new “broken windows” theory: Throw a brick, and it’s vandalism. Throw your friend, and you’re free to go.