(Courtesy of Graywolf Press) (Courtesy of Graywolf Press)

Just in time for Halloween, Graywolf, the Minneapolis indie press, has posted a bone-chilling rendition of “Goodnight Moon.” It’s read by Benjamin Percy, who published the werewolf thriller “Red Moon” earlier this year.

“How much scarier can you get?” says Graywolf marketing director Michael Taeckens.

I asked Taeckens if that spooky baritone is really Percy’s normal voice. “It’s a little bit played up,” he confessed, “but not that much, honestly.”

Graywolf published two of Percy’s earlier books, “The Wilding” and a story collection, “Refresh Refresh.” It also has plans to publish a collection of his essays about writing in the fall of 2015.

“Ben lives in Minnesota now, and he’s a really good friend of the house,” Taeckens says, “so we see him around frequently.”

After listening to his “Goodnight Moon,” I’m not sure that would be comforting.