When I couldn’t find our book coverage on The Washington Post iPhone app, I thought it was just me. (I still haven’t figured out Snapchat.) But when Pulitzer Prize-winner T.J. Stiles said he couldn’t find our reviews, I knew it was time to solve this mystery:

So here, finally, is the big reveal.

1. Get the free Washington Post app from iTunes.


2. When the app opens, select “More” in the top right corner.


3. When you get to this screen, scroll all the way to the very bottom where we keep the most important stuff.


4. When you get to the very end, select “More” again.


5. Once you see “Books” toward the end of this list, select “Edit” in the top right corner.


6. Select the green “plus” symbol next to Books.


7. Select “Done” in the top right corner.


8. Go back by selecting the arrow in the top left corner.


9. And look: “Books” is now added to your favorites. Whenever you open the Washington Post app, you can quickly go to our latest book coverage.