Don’t spend time wondering why, after 48 years, there’s a new video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” (It’s because there’s a yet another box set to sell.) Instead, spend that time marveling at one of the most bizarre and unique music videos ever. The video is an interactive experience, featuring 16 “channels” that viewers can flip through. Each channel features what might be a familiar face lip-synching to the greatest song ever.

Why, there’s Drew Carey on the set of “The Price Is Right.”

And there’s rapper Danny Brown!

The Property Brothers?! How long do you think it took them to memorize all the words?

Even “Sportscenter” anchor Steve Levy gets in on the action.

This is just a sampling. You can spend the entire six minutes watching one channel or click through without losing your place in the song. It’s fair to wonder if Bob Dylan himself even is aware that this thing exists but let’s all be glad that it does. Good luck not spending the rest of your day watching this.