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With ‘The Sound of Music Live,’ everyone’s a critic, including celebs on Twitter

Carrie Underwood as Maria during preparations for “The Sound of Music Live!” (Paul Drinkwater/AP)

Cameron Diaz loved it. Cat Deeley found it “troubling.” Celebrities, it turns out, were much divided on NBC’s gutsy live-action remake of “The Sound of Music,” much as non-famous viewers were.

The good reviews:

The bad:

At the end of the day, most were willing to hand it to Carrie Underwood for making it through the marathon three-hour broadcast, which was, if nothing else, quite an act of endurance. (“I couldn’t imagine doing #SoundofMusic live for 3hrs. #bravecast #poopingmylederhosen,” Diaz tweeted — one of many sparkling observations in a stream that also included “Nazis where [sic] total d***s.”)

But like The Post’s TV critic and much of America, many stars also wished Underwood and NBC hadn’t messed with a classic.

Wilson and comedienne Mindy Kaling went on to plot their own misguided musical remake. This one actually sounds pretty great.

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