Rebecca Black and Dave Days in a still from “Saturday.” (YouTube)

Rebecca Black, the teen self-parody best known (or hated) for her 2011 train wreck “Friday,” has no intention of fading quietly into post-viral obscurity. She released a new song this weekend and it’s called — surprise! — “Saturday,” although whether this is a brilliant act of trolling or one last desperate bid for YouTube fame, no one can really say.

“Saturday” has all the hallmarks of a Rebecca Black “classic”: vaguely clubby beats, #YOLO lyrics, a lot of kids who look too young to drink slurping out of solo cups and hopping around hyperactively. This video also features a guest appearance by Dave Days, nee David Joseph Colditz, the baby-faced YouTube phenom with whom Black also recorded parodies of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and Rihanna’s “Stay.”

The YouTube commenters have not been kind to Black, though this is nothing new. “Friday” was, at the time it came out, one of the site’s most-disliked videos.

“It’s good that her awful first music video didn’t break her spirit,” one user wrote.

Despite all the jokes at her expense Black is having the last laugh — “Saturday” has racked up nearly 9 million views since it went online Saturday, and was YouTube’s most-viewed video in the U.S. on Sunday. Meanwhile, Black is peddling the single for 99 cents a pop on iTunes and presumably making money off the YouTube pre-roll ads.

“I feel so sorry for everyone disliking this video,” another commenter wrote, sagely. “You will never appreciate the fine art of trolling.”