Paul Walker and the cast of “Fast and Furious 6” are among the nominees for a Screen Actor’s Guild award for outstanding action performance by stunt ensemble for a motion picture.

Walker, 40, died Nov. 30 following a car crash, when the Porsche in which he was riding struck a light pole and a tree and caught fire.

It is the first SAG nomination for the “Fast” franchise, which has previously been recognized by the MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards. (Filming of the seventh “Fast” film has been postponed indefinitely due to Walker’s death.)

James Gandolfini also received a posthumous nomination for his performance in “Enough Said.” Post critic Ann Hornaday lamented the “happy-sadness” of Gandolfini’s final appearance in her review, in which she praises his performance.

“Thoroughly banishing any remaining vestiges of Tony Soprano, Gandolfini comes utterly disarmed to a role that he tackles with superb sensitivity and naked vulnerability. A bearded, sweet-natured butterball of emotional need, he both absorbs and deflects Eva’s spikier energy, which Louis-Dreyfus softens considerably by way of self-deprecating wit and her preternaturally expressive face.”

See the full list of nominations here.