New Year’s traditions vary hugely from country to country. But you can usually count on a few countdown constants, regardless of city — things like fireworks, rowdy crowds, possibly a local pop act (or 12). Millions of revelers have already said goodbye to 2013 tonight. Here’s how they’re ringing in 2014:

Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the first major cities to celebrate the New Year with arcs of fireworks off its Sky Tower — the tallest structure in the country.

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In Sydney two hours later, an expected 1.6 million people turned out to watch fireworks over the Sydney Opera House and nearby harbor bridge.

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Taipei, Taiwan, celebrated with a six-hour concert and $1 million of fireworks launched from the city’s landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101. Per the Taipei Times, the theme of the extravaganza was Yuan Zai — the local zoo’s six-month-old panda cub.

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More than 800,000 people gathered near Victoria Harbour for Hong Kong’s eight-minute fireworks display — “despite choking air pollution,” writes the South China Morning Post.

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We’ll continue updating this post with more GIFs as the night goes on.