“Veronica Mars” was one of the biggest comeback stories of 2013 — a cult favorite TV-show-turned-movie, all thanks to Kickstarter. And now, creator Rob Thomas is kicking off the new year by releasing the official theatrical trailer.

It has everything: Dramatic music, car chases, fight scenes, tantalizingly vague descriptions. (The perfect job…the perfect man…the perfect chance — to throw it all away.) It looks like — well, an actual big-budget movie.

Surprising? In a way, yes. “Veronica Mars,” a niche, quirky WB series about a teenage private detective (Kristen Bell), didn’t necessarily have all the makings of a hit mainstream film. The show, which lasted three seasons and was canceled in 2007, was beloved among a small, rabid group of viewers, but never broke out as a true hit. But Thomas decided to take a gamble anyway that the show could have a bigger future,  launching a Kickstarter project last spring to raise money for a film version.

And now, $5.7 million later — a number that shattered Kickstarter records — Thomas has fulfilled his promise. He got the entire cast (Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni) back together, while also wrangling appearances by supporting characters who have gone on to bigger things (Max Greenfield, Krysten Ritter).

The film opens in select theaters on March 14.