Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives on the red carpet for the Golden Globe awards. (AFP/Frederic Brown)

Internet darling (and best supporting actress winner) Jennifer Lawrence wouldn’t be doing her job right if she failed to generate a meme or two at last night’s Golden Globe awards. Sure enough, JLaw didn’t even need to creep up on Taylor Swift or shake her way through an acceptance speech — her dress quickly inspired a trend all its own.

Buzzfeed has christened the meme “Lawrencing,” and its premise is pretty simple: Swath your self/Barbie/unwitting pet in gauzy white fabric, roll some electrical tape around it, and slap it online.

A screenshot from the blog

Lawrence’s dress — which also earned its fair share of comparisons to Ariel’s rope-and-sail get-up in “The Little Mermaid” — was Christian Dior, and has actually landed JLaw on a handful of best-dressed lists in spite (or because of?) the online hype. Emma Watson also wore an unusual Dior ensemble — black cigarette pants under a backless red dress. Maybe if she had awkwardly crashed T-Swift’s red carpet interview, the Internet would love her, too.