Lena Dunham a Vogue cover girl? The rumors that started buzzing in October 2013 are true. Today Vogue released the cover and inside images of the “Girls” star from its February issue, which hits newsstands on Jan. 28. The images include Dunham on the streets of New York with a pigeon on her head while wearing Alexander McQueen, crossing the street on the shoulders of co-star (and fan favorite) Adam Driver and sprawled across the bed with Driver and her dog, Lamby, while wearing Prada.

Vogue February 2014 (Annie Leibovitz/Vogue)

The love-her-hate-her reactions to the cover hint at the likability issue that The Post’s TV Critic Hank Stuever addressed in his review of season three of Girls:

“I just don’t like you,” a new character tells Hannah at her new job, midway through the new season. “I don’t like your face. Your mouth — I just want to rip it off your face.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but I do interpret the scene as yet another subliminal admission by Lena Dunham (“Girls’ ” creator and celebrated showrunner, who stars as Hannah) that she is essentially trolling for outraged responses from her detractors and fans alike. The point of watching is to exhaust oneself by tut-tutting Hannah for her perpetual entitlement and self-sabotaging journey toward adulthood. In 60 years of television, we’ve come to a point where we want this particular Lucy to literally choke on the chocolates coming off that conveyer belt — or, as it happens, the free snacks Hannah discovers in the corporate break room.



Lena Dunham and Adam Driver (Annie Leibovitz/Vogue)