Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards. (Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)

Kristen Stewart will star in the latest movie adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984,” a casting choice that will surely frustrate moviegoers and Orwell fans everywhere.

The film is called “Equals,” and per AP it’s a “futuristic love story” — which is one way, if perhaps not the best way, to describe Orwell’s dystopian classic about a world where one’s internal thoughts are known and punished by an omnipresent government. Leaving aside the issue of whether “1984” is or is not a love story (we think the io9 commenters have this handled), Stewart’s participation in said love story is, to quote the star herself, “overtly ambitious.” And maybe a little insane.

A quick articulation of the problems here:

1. Most obviously, and most importantly, Stewart is known less for her acting chops and more for her habit of looking catatonically bored at awards shows, on screen, and just about anywhere else.

2. Stewart is “terrified” of the role. Yes, “1984” is a terrifying book, but Stewart’s fear of the role itself doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. She apparently told director Drake Doremus not to “expect that I am going to be able to do this. It’s too hard.”

3. Stewart was chosen over Jennifer Lawrence, who — Internet popularity aside — is an objectively more successful and critically-acclaimed actress. (She won a Golden Globe on Sunday, already won an Oscar last year and was just nominated for another Thursday morning.) Doremus apparently felt Stewart had better chemistry with “1984” leading man Nicholas Hoult. Since Hoult and Lawrence are dating, this bodes poorly for either their relationship or Hoult’s judgment of character.

4. And one final, capitalist argument on that Stewart-vs.-Lawrence point: Lawrence pulled in more money at the box office last year than any other performer, man or woman. Stewart didn’t even crack the top 10. Don’t these people want to make money?!

Anyway, since the Oscar nominations were announced this morning, armchair critics of the Internet have moved on to other snubs and slights. But that doesn’t mean they’ve accepted Stewart … in any capacity.