Charlie Worsham kicks the bucket for “Bones.” (Photo by Jim Wright)

Charlie Worsham recently received a strange invitation: Would he be interested in promoting his music by being killed on TV?

He said yes, so Worsham will appear on Friday night’s episode of “Bones,” the long-running crime procedural on Fox, playing a country singer whose untimely death might be related to a lousy record deal. (Worsham speaks glowingly of his real life record label and we’re inclined to trust him.) The episode’s soundtrack will also feature a few songs from the Mississippi native’s terrific 2013 album, “Rubberband.”

Worsham isn’t the first country star promote his career this way. Taylor Swift appeared on “CSI: Las Vegas” way back in 2009. Miranda Lambert made a cameo on “Law and Order: SVU” in 2012. Meantime, country singers of various stripes have given their brands a boost by showing up on ABC’s music-biz drama “Nashville” and on Monday night, Billy Currington will appear on “The Bachelor.”

This is a thing, right? Before Worsham’s episode of “Bones” airs on Friday night, we phoned him for a quick chat about Nashville’s continued push toward prime-time.

So how did this all come together?

[My label] just threw my name in the hat. The show was looking for someone who could play a country singer and they were going back and forth between getting an actor or finding a singer who could play the part and provide the music. So my label was quick and next thing I know, I’m on a flight to L.A. It happened very quickly. We had other stuff on the books and we rescheduled a [Grand Ole] Opry show. You know it’s something big when you’re rescheduling with the Opry.

We’re seeing more and more country stars on prime time shows these days. Is this officially a thing now?

I do think that the greater world of entertainment is collaborating more. Lines are being crossed and I think that’s a good thing… I can say it gives me a greater appreciation for what [TV people] do. It’s completely different, but with a lot of similarities. It’s cool to see creativity in action.

Is this the most unique thing you’ve done to promote your music?

Shy of playing in a Walmart when I was a kid, yes.

Did you have any acting experience?

No, I don’t. Dave Boreanaz, who stars in the show and directed this episode, made me feel very comfortable and at home. He walked me through each part that I had. I kinda played myself, more or less.

How does it feel to be invited on a show where your character gets killed?

It’s cool! The entire episode, I’m already gone so it’s all flashback stuff. It’s crazy, man. Being murdered was just part of the sparkle of the whole experience.

“Bones” airs on Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox.