A screenshot from artist Eric Oglander’s Craigslistmirrors.com.

Since October, artist Eric Oglander has trawled Craigslist for mirrors — not because he has any intention of buying one, but because he sees something in them that most people don’t.

Oglander is the curator of Craigslistmirrors.com, a collection of “intriguing imagery” from Craigslist mirror sale ads. Mundane as the concept sounds, it is actually pretty fascinating and can be viewed as something of a commentary on modern American life.

Some of the photos are inadvertently beautiful in and of themselves — check this graphic rectangle of flat sky or this juxtaposition of orange and blue. Others are noteworthy as snatches of daily ephemera: a mirror framed by black-and-white pictures, or abandoned in an empty house, or photographed with its unwitting owners caught in the reflection.

Oglander, who works in several mediums, has actually used these pictures in his own pieces (see the ghostly image in the upper-left corner of this print). But they seem to stand pretty well on their own, as well. As Joe Veix writes at Death and Taxes, it’s a “fascinating mix of absurdity and accidental beauty” — a pretty killer recipe for Internet-based art.