Pharrell Williams. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

An Arby’s logo, Smokey the Bear, Pharrelling.

The creativity of the collective Interwebs has been on full display Sunday night in honor of Pharrell Williams’s perplexing topper. No fewer than seven direct comparisons have been made — from Dudley Do-Right to Rango to Elmer. We’re hoping by morning we’ll be up to at least a solid dozen.

What twitter has not been able to answer, however, is why? The producer who is behind, well almost everything, dressed as if he was O-V-E-R the Grammy Awards, matching the Vivienne Westwood head piece with a red track jacket and jeans. The LA Times reports he wore the same, or similar, hat Saturday night with a Lanvin suit. So why ditch the designer duds for the main attraction? Hard to tell, but perhaps we should be grateful for the new game which the legendary producer has bestowed upon us: Match that hat. See a few of our favorites below.