As the clock counts down to Super Bowl XLVIII, there’s still one unanswered question looming: How is America going to survive  Super Bowl Sunday in the midst of a Velveeta shortage (a.k.a. cheesepocalypse 2014)?

Kraft, which makes Velveeta, confirmed a few weeks ago that there is indeed a shortage of Velveeta products across the country, meaning that, unfortunately, the cheesepocalypse is not a publicity stunt, despite its serendipitous occurrence so close to the Super Bowl.

Here’s what Kraft posted about the shortage on its Facebook page:

A social media storm followed the announcement, including a wave of #Cheesepocalypse uproar on Twitter and Facebook. Kraft has even made a cheesepocalypse Web site, which shows a map of the areas most affected by the shortage.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on any Velveeta products in time for the big game, consider yourself lucky. Imagine all the people across America who will have to go cheese-less this Sunday, searching for something else to dip their tortilla chip in besides the classic Super Bowl combination of Velveeta and Rotel.