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Nepal was the driving inspiration for designer Prabal Gurung for fall 2014, inspiring the layering of giant scarves and capes. The designer grew up in Kathmandu before beginning his design career in New Delhi and launching his own collection in New York in 2009.

The color palette of oranges and crimsons were an obvious nod to the region, as were the minks and Mongolian lamb coats. And of course, the giant gold disks that served as a backdrop for the runway.

Gurung made clear he was playing with textures. The embroidered chiffon turtlenecks on a couple of the last gowns were subtle experiments that stood in contrast to a few of the deconstructed jackets with mixed silk and gabardines.

Gurung says the woman he designs for is both confident and smart, and has an inquisitive side. A woman up for traveling somewhere far off, like Nepal.

While he says confidence is one of the most attractive qualities, he also says powerful women shouldn’t be afraid to embrace their femininity.

Sandra Bullock wore one of his flirtier pieces with pink and teal color blocks to the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, an honor he still sounded giddy about.

“Almost all of my friends who are designers are texting me and e-mailing me saying we’re so happy for you,” he said before the show. “I’ve been really grateful.”

Another powerful woman who has chosen his feminine designs is first lady Michelle Obama. For the upcoming state dinner for french President Francois Hollande, Gurung said, it will be hard for her to go wrong.

“I’m such a fan,” he said. “I really love everything she chooses.”