A meme circulating Twitter on Tuesday morning

As if dealing with a very visible eye infection as an adult wasn’t uncomfortable enough, NBC’s Bob Costas — who has hosted the Olympic broadcast since 1988 — had the great displeasure of going through this ordeal on national TV.

That means Costas will soon be subbed out in favor of “Today” host Matt Lauer, NBC announced this morning. It also means Costas has become the subject of a million unflattering memes, many of them involving zombies.

A sampling of what the merciless Internet hordes have come up with (and after this we promise to leave the poor guy alone):

Costas, at least, seems to be taking it all in stride. Last night he took a shot of vodka on the air — which, sadly, did not improve his condition.

“I’m not really that much of a vodka guy,” Costas said. “I’m looking at it this way though — my eyes can’t get any redder — no matter what I do.” To your health, Bob!