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For Valentine’s Day, an alternative to roses

If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic red bouquet, we asked Teleflora, the California-based flower company that serves as the middleman between many local florists and the big wholesale flower industry, what their most popular no-rose options are. Here are some suggestions, plus a pick from Washington D.C. florist Allan Woods.

Orchids, Teleflora’s Missy Miller said, are perceived as being exotic and last longer than flowers. Florists can provide cuts ones and they come in a variety of colors.

Miller also said red tulips are in demand around Valentine’s Day, but contemporary colors such as purple and pink “that don’t scream romance,” are also popular.

Red carnations are another fragrant, romantic option and are less expensive than roses.

Shopping locally? Allan Woods Flowers, based in Washington’s Woodley Park neighborhood, suggests a mix of spring flowers, such as tulips and hyacinths, or a bouquet that includes peonies.

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