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Al Roker vents on Twitter, criticizes mayor Bill de Blasio for keeping New York schools open in wake of storm

Lots of New Yorkers are angry that the city’s public schools stayed open today despite a massive snowstorm, but none can vent about it quite as loudly as Al Roker. In a departure from his usually cheery on-air persona, the “Today” weatherman criticized mayor Bill de Blasio’s office and NYC public schools in a serious of furious tweets.

And then he called out de Blasio by name:

Zing! Roker continued to vent, and even more so once he thought the National Weather Service was being blamed:

The New York City’s mayor’s office Twitter account had one reminder (retweeted by the NYC public school’s account):

And according to reports, de Blasio addressed Roker’s Twitter rant, saying at an afternoon briefing that he respected Roker, but “It’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on TV.”

Ouch. Roker had one thing to say about that: