Lots of New Yorkers are angry that the city’s public schools stayed open today despite a massive snowstorm, but none can vent about it quite as loudly as Al Roker. In a departure from his usually cheery on-air persona, the “Today” weatherman criticized mayor Bill de Blasio’s office and NYC public schools in a serious of furious tweets.

And then he called out de Blasio by name:

Zing! Roker continued to vent, and even more so once he thought the National Weather Service was being blamed:

The New York City’s mayor’s office Twitter account had one reminder (retweeted by the NYC public school’s account):

And according to reports, de Blasio addressed Roker’s Twitter rant, saying at an afternoon briefing that he respected Roker, but “It’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on TV.”

Ouch. Roker had one thing to say about that: