Sure, we all know books are great food for thought, but what about great food for dinner?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle is offering some delicious-sounding specials in its Afterwords cafe. I haven’t tried them yet myself, but I’m dropping 12-pound hints all over my wife’s desk.

Chocolate raspberry truffle cake at Kramer's Afterwords Cafe. Chocolate raspberry truffle cake at Kramer’s Afterwords Cafe.

Among the delicacies on the menu are baked lobster with crabmeat fired under the broiler, Chesapeake succotash, braised seasonal greens and pan-roasted root veggie hash.

The Valentine’s Day desserts include chocolate raspberry truffle cake and chocolate duo mousse. Ah, 50 shades of fattening. 

Kramers expects to offer these specials until Feb. 19.