Note: This recap contains spoilers.

Tyreese (AMC/”The Walking Dead”).

So, about those lingering questions from the midseason finale. Tonight’s “The Walking Dead” answers just about all of them.

We find out that the core group of prison gang members have escaped largely unscathed from the prison battle. Each splintered group expresses hope they will come across other survivors, and this episode follows each separate storyline as they strive to survive in the woods surrounding the prison.

First up, we find Daryl and Beth, who escaped the carnage together. The pair, with Beth’s urging,  come across tracks and some dropped grapes — the trail of some survivors moving together — but nothing else until they find a gang of feasting walkers next to some railway tracks.

Turns out, the survivors trail Daryl and Beth were following belongs to Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith, happily alive as we predicted and crying up a storm. Before Daryl and Beth arrive at the scene at the railway tracks, Tyreese is there first. He’s left Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith alone in the woods while he attempts to fight the walkers and save other survivors.

But two young girls, alone in the woods with a crying baby, are sure to bring walkers around. Enter Carol.

She’s back and saves the trio of kids from certain death. Yes, Carol is back. Yes, Tyreese still doesn’t know she killed Karen. He is happy to see her. He asks her where she was during the battle. She lies. The entire conversation sort of makes you squirm. Tyreese has no idea, and it’s painful to watch.

The episode could have ended there, after the awkward reunion, but no. There are other survivors out there. Maggie, Sasha and Bob are together. Determined to find Glenn, Maggie sets off for the bus he was on. It’s full of walkers, but no Glenn. Not even Glenn-turned-zombie. They clear out the bus and in what looks like a fit of frustrated rage, Maggie stabs and beats as many of them as she can.

Maybe the episode could have ended after that bloodbath, but no. Glenn is also still alive, but never made it out of the prison. Armed with a body suit he finds and gun, and with the same determination Maggie has to find him, Glenn begins his escape from the prison. Before he leaves, he stumbles upon Tara (Lily’s sister, who went AWOL during the Governor’s battle). He convinces her that teaming up is the safer bet than being separate, and they take off together. Glenn knows he needs help to survive, and because of her guilt and fear, Tara agrees. They have to fight off more walkers outside the prison — something neither likely could have done alone.

Once again, the episode could have ended there. But on top of the growing number of divergent storylines we’ve seen already, the writers throw in some new (rather shady) characters. Just as Tara and Glenn fight off some walkers, a large army truck pulls up. Out of the truck come two men and a women, clearly battle worn and interested in what they’ve found.

Unanswered questions: What is the Sanctuary? And did the three newcomers to the show come from there?

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