For every brilliant, carefully honed tweet that spins out into the Twitterverse, there’s at least five times (10? 50? 100?) as much garbage: dumb rants, acronym-encrusted dribble, prosaic “life-casting” on the tweeter’s favorite band or breakfast food or Real Housewife of whatever. Huge swaths of Twitter are brutally, endlessly tedious. And it’s from this tedium that — against all odds! — the anonymous artist behind @DrawnYourTweet has drawn inspiration.

It’s not a complicated concept, nor a particularly original one, either. Someone with the handle @DrawMyTweet has been sketching in relative obscurity for years. But the cool thing about @DrawnYourTweet, the thing that’s earned the account more than 18,000 followers in less than two weeks, is the fact that these really imaginative, quirky illustrations come from such mundane source material.

It’s easy to draw the Twitter missives of @CourtneyStodden — she is, as this blog (literally!) illustrates, kind of insane. But finding inspiration in drabness like “I’m in a rubbish mood” requires a bit more … well, ingenuity. And there’s something serendipitous about it, as well.

“I’m not sure [where I got the idea], to be honest,” @DrawnYourTweet wrote in an e-mail. (The U.K.-based artist is big on maintaining anonymity.) “I like the idea of giving a random gift to a random person. In ‘real’ life this could come across quite creepy but on Twitter I suppose it’s quite endearing.”

“I’m just making this up as I go along. It’s generally a gut reaction — if I see a tweet that I think I can draw that’s good enough for me.”