Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. (Gemma LaMana/Paramount Pictures)

Because we weren’t visually assaulted enough by Ron Burgundy’s mustache the first time around, “Anchorman 2” is getting a theatrical re-release, a rating change from PG-13 to R while promising “763 new jokes.”

“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super Sized R Rated Version” will be in movie theaters for one week starting Feb. 28. Yes, that means that the longest, most unstoppable promotional campaign in the history of motion pictures will continue on even longer.

If you’ve blocked it from your memory, star Will Ferrell embarked on an endless press tour last year while in full character as Burgundy to promote the sequel, banking on the popularity of the first “Anchorman” nearly a decade ago. It included lots of Dodge commercials; interviewing Peyton Manning; and anchoring a North Dakota local news broadcast. (The Hollywood Reporter has the full round-up, including Canadian curling trials and something involving a Ben and Jerry’s flavor.)

The announcement boasts that “Anchorman 2″ has made $170 million at the box office worldwide. But apparently that is not enough, because this extra week of even grosser jokes will bank even more.

Just a heads up: If you’ve had enough Ron Burgundy in your life to last until the inevitable third movie, this new update clocks in at more than two hours, director Adam McKay said in a canned statement/warning.

“When my editor told me we had a whole different version of the movie that was more than two hours long with nearly 800 new jokes, I was shocked. But when Paramount said they were actually going to put it in theaters, I did an 1950’s spit take,” McKay said. “If you’re a hardcore Anchorman fan go see this. If you’re not, stay very far away.”