R.I.P. (probably) “Super Fun Night” (Nicole Wilder/ABC)

“Super Fun Night” came to an end Tuesday, but it’s okay if you barely noticed — less than 3 million people watched the freshman comedy’s finale. And to think, it was supposed to be ABC’s best hope for a new comedy, getting the glorious post-“Modern Family” spot. (And helped seal the fate of “Happy Endings.” No, we’re not still bitter.)

But that was last fall — a mere six months ago, yet so far in the distant past, where Rebel Wilson leading her own comedy series without her native Australian accent seemed like a good idea. A whopping 27 new shows premiered on the broadcast networks. How many will live to see a second season? Now that we’re at the point where midseason is really kicking into high gear (and serve as the fall shows’ main competition when it’s time for execs to plan next season), here’s the slate of the 2013-2014 new broadcast shows and where they stand.

"The Goldbergs" (Craig Sjodin/ABC) “The Goldbergs” (Craig Sjodin/ABC)

ABC (0/8 already renewed, 2 canceled, 6 pending)

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”: Still airing, status unknown. Seems to have the best shot at renewal.

“The Goldbergs”: Still airing, status unknown. Critics really like this one. (Not counting our own Hank Stuever.)

“Lucky 7”: Canceled after two episodes in October.

“Trophy Wife”: Still airing, status unknown. A critical favorite.

“Back in the Game”: Canceled in November, supposed to air all 13 episodes. (Aired 10 so far.)

“Betrayal”: Ended Jan. 19, status unknown. But people are surprised it lasted that long.

“Super Fun Night”: Ended Feb. 19, status unknown. Not great.

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”: Still airing, status unknown.

Fox (2/5 already renewed, 3 pending)

“Sleepy Hollow”: Renewed for a second season.

“Dads”: Ended Feb. 11, status unknown. Critics hated it a tiny bit less at the end of its run, but still doesn’t look good.

“Brooklyn Nine Nine”: Still airing, status unknown. But with two “Golden Globe” wins and a post-Super Bowl slot, it looks all but certain to return.

“Masterchef Junior”: Renewed for a second season.

“Almost Human”: Finale March 3, status unknown. No one’s sure on this one.

“Brooklyn Nine Nine” (Eddy Chen/Fox)

NBC (1/6 already renewed, 4 canceled, 1 pending)

“The Blacklist”: Renewed for a second season.

“The Michael J. Fox Show”: Pulled off the schedule this month, effectively canceled.

“Ironside”: Canceled in October after four episodes.

“Welcome to the Family”: Canceled in October after three episodes.

“Sean Saves the World”: Canceled, production shut down in January.

“Dracula”: Ended Jan. 24, status unknown. Ratings were okay and NBC may need it for next year.

"Hostages" (Nicole Rivelli/CBS) “Hostages” (Nicole Rivelli/CBS)

CBS (0/5 already renewed, 1 canceled, 4 pending)

“Hostages”: Ended Jan. 6. This was always billed as a “miniseries”; coupled with low ratings, this one is basically a goner.

“Mom”: Still airing, status unknown. It’s a Chuck Lorre show, and those never die.

“The Crazy Ones”: Still airing, status unknown. Robin Williams > Michael J. Fox this season.

“We Are Men”: Canceled in October after two episodes.

“The Millers”: Still airing, status unknown.

CW (2/3 already renewed, 1 pending)

“The Originals”: Renewed for a second season.

“Reign”: Renewed for a second season.

“The Tomorrow People”: Still airing, status unknown. Depends on how CW’s midseason shows do.