“Things that are cheaper than WhatsApp” is a single-purpose Tumblr with an apparently endless supply of material from which to draw. Facebook bought the mobile-messaging start-up on Wednesday for $16 billion — an eye-popping amount that could, it turns out, buy 64,000 trips to space, 10 Burj Khalifas … or 64 Washington Posts. Womp womp.

The Tumblr is good for a bit of context and a few laughs. (It’s worth noting that many of the graphics list Wikipedia as their source — so take them with a grain of salt. We fact-checked several that were guilty of some creative rounding; 2012 world music sales, for instance, actually totaled $16.5 billion, per a leading industry group.) But experts say WhatsApp’s valuation actually makes sense — 450 million people use WhatsApp each month, and they use it rabidly.

The app has also shown it can actually make money; after the first year, which is free, users pay 99 cents annually to keep using WhatsApp.

Still — the London Olympics. A year (almost) of NASA research! We could play this game all year (…and hope the Tumblr will). You can submit your own ideas here.