Michonne (AMC). Michonne (AMC).

Note: This recap contains spoilers.

Sgt. Abraham Ford is on a mission to save humanity, and all roads point to Washington, D.C.

The tough-guy character, first introduced last week when he rescued Glenn and Tara from swarming walkers, claims to know how the zombie apocalypse began and what it will take to save everyone. His companion, Dr. Eugene Porter, claims he knows how the outbreak began and how to save everyone, but needs to get to Washington D.C. to do it.

Ford seems like the perfect apocalypse survival companion. He has the physical skills to take down walkers, a big army truck and lots of guns. Does that mean Glenn and Tara should trust him, or Porter? There isn’t a whole lot of evidence that they can be trusted, let alone that Porter is even a real doctor.

Glenn is certainly skeptical, and more interested in finding Maggie than going with strangers on a long trip to Washington. In the end, Glenn gets what he wants — to go back towards the prison to find Maggie. Instead of going alone, Ford and his companions will be coming along. The big truck is damaged in a battle with walkers. The trip to Washington is put on hold.

While Glenn and Tara settle in with their new gun-toting travel companions, Michonne, Carl and Rick are acclimating to their new home base. Hungry and in need of supplies, Michonne and Carl agree to comb the nearby houses. Rick is ordered to stay behind — injured and in pain, it’s decided that is the safest option for him.

Turns out to be the opposite. Rick falls asleep in bed, just in time for a group of strangers to enter the house. Unlike walkers, other humans offer their own dangers, and this group seems particularly unsavory. Worried for his safety, Rick slips under the bed and somehow manages to stay alive, even as two men fight — with one killing the other — just for the right to take a nap in the bed. In order to make it out of the home alive, Rick kills someone in the upstairs bathroom before slipping out of the house.

Unlike Rick, Michonne and Carl’s trip is relatively calm, and they both go unscathed. Michonne is doing her best to cheer up a despondent Carl, even stuffing her mouth with spray cheese (crazy cheese?) in an attempt to get a reaction out of him.

When comedy fails, things turn serious. Michonne reveals more to Carl about her child. Named Andre, the baby was three-years-old and died when the apocalypse began. Carl seems genuinely glad that Michonne is sharing her past with him, and it’s the most open we’ve seen her be with another character on the show.

Unanswered questions: Ford claims to have been in touch over satellite radio with people in Washington. Can they really have the key to saving humanity? Could the people Ford claimed to be communicating with via radio from D.C. be lying?

Also, when Rick, Michonne and Carl are reunited outside the house, they set off and end up on railroad tracks leading to the Sanctuary. Will we finally get to see just what this sanctuary is?

Romance report: Another episode lacking in romance, beyond seeing Glenn’s determination to find Maggie.