Lena Dunham at the “Girls” Season 3 premiere in New York. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

If you’re tired of people complaining about how they don’t understand the fuss over HBO’s “Girls” (which always earns scorn for being about unlikable millenials) you’ll want to stay off Twitter on Saturday, March 8: Creator/writer/star Lena Dunham, 27, will host “Saturday Night Live” for the first time.

Dunham always seems to be at the center of some controversy even when she doesn’t do anything to cause it, whether its for being accused of nepotism or having the audacity to cast Patrick Wilson as her love interest on “Girls.” This year alone, she sent the Television Critics Association into a blogging frenzy when a reporter asked why she’s always so naked on the show, earning snide responses from producers Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner; a little while later, feminist Web site Jezebel offered a $10,000 bribe for un-retouched photos of her Vogue cover story.

In that sense, Dunham is a solid choice for “SNL” host — controversy can translate to buzz and hopefully viewers. However, of all the things that “SNL” could parody about “Girls” (the character’s whining about non-problems? the dysfunctional relationships? 20-somethings acting like teenagers?) many of them were already so masterfully skewered by Tina Fey in a sketch when she hosted the show last year. Fey played a new “Girls” character, Blerta, from Alabania, who assured the girls that all their problems would be okay, because they’re only 15, right?

Anyway, they could always make fun of the nakedness; although it’s broadcast TV, so maybe not. The National will be the show’s musical guests on March 8, making it a perfectly New York affair.