Juan Pablo and Andi, during happier times. (Guy D’Alema/ABC)

You never feel good about yourself after watching “The Bachelor,” but as this season starring single dad Juan Pablo Galavis nears its conclusion, many viewers agree it’s gone from a guilty pleasure to just gross.

This season has been one unfortunate incident after another, from Juan Pablo’s anti-gay comments to wide speculation about what exactly happened after a late-night ocean rendezvous that left one contestant distraught. (The woman, incidentally, is one of the final two women on the show.)

Juan Pablo Galavis (Craig Sjodin/ABC) Juan Pablo Galavis (Craig Sjodin/ABC)

That usually adds up to the kind of reality show disasters that producers love — but this trainwreck isn’t fun for anyone to watch. Though Juan Pablo has received complaints all season about not connecting with any contestants outside of the enthusiastic hot tub make-out sessions, it boiled over on Tuesday night when the second woman in two weeks dropped out of the show on her own volition.

During the annual cringeworthy “fantasy suite” episode (where the bachelor has the option to take the final three ladies on overnight dates without cameras), contestant Andi Dorfman was left extremely offended when her overnight date with Juan Pablo was, in her words, “a nightmare.” “The whole night was just a disaster,” she fumed to the cameras the day after the date. “I hope he did not think that went well. I really hope he did not think that was a good date.”

What followed was a lengthy, tedious couples fight, as Andi rehashed what made her so furious: He talked about himself the whole time and never asked her any questions about herself; he bragged about his overnight dates with the other women on the show; he has zero filter. She was especially angry that Juan Pablo talked about the other ladies in the competition: “I would love to see any woman [when] a man says that to her and she doesn’t just want to smack him across the face, ,” she ranted.

Juan Pablo, meanwhile, took it all in stride — too much in stride, because his lack of reaction only made her more furious. The more times he assured her it was “okay” that she wanted to pack it up and leave, the angrier she seemed. He consoled her, saying he understood her feelings and didn’t want to force anything, but maybe not by using the most comforting terms: “Am I going to die right now? No.”

The fight dragged on and on until Andi got in the car and left, leaving Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley as the final two women for the upcoming finale. Best of the luck to the winner of this mess.

In a way, the incident summed up everything that’s completely wrong with this season of “The Bachelor”: Uncomfortable to the point of being boring, which is the biggest mistake a reality show can make. Although women have chosen to leave the show in the past, it’s generally not at the very last stages of the series, which makes everyone feel like they’ve wasted their time with a sham. And when you’re already watching a show like  “The Bachelor,” that’s really twisting the knife.