Video released by the Florida State Attorney office shows Justin Bieber and friend Khalil Amir Sharieff in custody after their arrest January 23. (Reuters)

Oh, Justin Bieber. If you had made some different choices, maybe you would be starring in a new music video today instead of a recorded sobriety test.

The Miami Beach Police Department released videos of Bieber, 19, in custody after he was arrested last month in Florida on a DUI charge when police pulled him over for illegal drag racing.

Pop singer Justin Bieber appears in front of Judge Joseph Farina by video link in this still image from video from Miami, (REUTERS/Pool)

The video shows Bieber looking very much like the teen he is, in bright orange shoes, baggy shorts and a sweatshirt over his head as he tries to steady himself and walk in a straight line. He visibly stumbles a couple times as he walks in front of a police officer. We would give pretty much any amount of money to know what the cop was thinking at that moment.

Bieber, who pleaded not guilty, was supposed to have a March 3 trial date — but that’s been pushed back because of the video. There’s a lot more footage of Bieber’s night in jail, where he spent 10 hours in custody; but his lawyers want to block the release of it to the general public, according to AFP.

Now, a judge will decide whether he wants to grant the motion on March 4, and then set a new trial date. As far as that other footage? We’re not sure what else it could hold, considering this batch already shows Bieber doing push-ups in his jail cell. Bieber has not said anything in response to the new sobriety test video, but his Twitter feed is as illuminating as ever: