A great way to gain insight into our country’s psyche? Take a look at what we’re watching on TV, going to see in the movie theater, and listening to on the radio or on our iPods. Every Wednesday, Billboard releases music stats for the past week, so we take the opportunity for some quick analysis all of the above topics and what pop culture is truly the most popular at the moment.


1) “The Oscars” (ABC) 43.7 million)
2) Oscars Red Carpet, 8 to 8:30 p.m. (ABC) 27 million
3) Oscars Red Carpet, 7:30 to 8 p.m. (ABC) 18.7 million
4) “The Big Bang Theory”(CBS) 17.7 million
5) “NCIS” (CBS) 17 million
6) “The Voice,” Monday (NBC) 15.9 million
7) Oscars Red Carpet, 7 to 7:30 p.m. (ABC) 14.8 million
8) “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS) 13.1 million
9) “The Voice,” Tuesday (NBC) 13 million
10) “Blue Bloods” (CBS) 12 million
11) “The Blacklist (NBC) 11.2 million
12) “The Millers” (CBS) 11 million
13) “Person of Interest” (CBS) 11 million
14) “American Idol,” Wednesday (Fox) 10.7 million
(via Nielsen, Feb. 26 to March 2)

Okay, we added a few more than 10 just because the Oscars and red carpet took up so many spots — as we reported, it was the most-watched Academy Awards telecast in a decade. As usual, CBS shows take up quite a few spaces as well, including the unstoppable “NCIS” and its spin-off. “The Voice” is still a hit; the return of NBC’s “Blacklist” did well; and Fox made a solid, if unspectacular, showing with the first live performance theme night of the season.

"The Walking Dead" (Gene Page/AMC) “The Walking Dead” (Gene Page/AMC)


1) “Walking Dead” (AMC) 12 million
2) “Duck Dynasty” (A&E) 5 million
3) “Talking Dead” (AMC) 5 million
4) “Pawn Stars,” Thursday at 9:30 (A&E) 4.9 million
5) WWE Entertainment, 8 to 9 p.m. (USA) 4.9 million
6) WWE Entertainment, 9 to 10 p.m. (USA) 4.9  million
7) WWE Entertainment, 10 to 11 p.m. (USA) 4.7 million
8) “Pawn Stars” (History) 4.3 million
9) “Gold Rush” (Discovery) 4 million
10) “Rizzoli & Isles” (TNT) 3.7 million
(TVBytheNumbers via Nielsen, Feb. 26 to March 2)

People love their wrestling! And also, “The Walking Dead” and “Pawn Stars,” which we already knew. “Talking Dead” in the number three spot shows that after-shows are still a smart idea for hit dramas, while TNT’s indistinguishable detective drama “Rizzoli & Isles” continues to do well as it nears the end of Season 4.

Liam Neeson in a scene from "Non-Stop." (Universal Pictures/AP) Liam Neeson in a scene from “Non-Stop.” (Universal Pictures/AP)


1) “Non-Stop” $28.9 million
2) “Son of God” $25.6 million
3) “The Lego Movie” $20.8 million
4) “3 Days to Kill” $4.9 million
5) “The Monuments Men” $4.9 million
6) “RoboCop” $4.5 million
7) “Pompeii” $4.3 million
8) “Frozen” $3.6 million
9) “About Last Night” $3.4 million
10) “Ride Along” $3 million
(AP via Rentrak, Feb. 28 to March 2)

Liam Neeson on a doomed plane attracted quite a few people — and it also has also new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o in a supporting role as a flight attendant. Though it edged out Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s “Son of God” (similar to their “Bible” miniseries this year), expect that Bible epic to do well throughout Easter season.

"Oxymoron," the latest CD release by Schoolboy Q. (Interscope Records/AP) “Oxymoron,” the latest CD release by Schoolboy Q. (Interscope Records/AP)

TOP ALBUMS/SONGS (via Billboard)

Rapper Schoolboy Q’s “Oxymoron” topped the Billboard charts with 139,000 copies sold, via numbers from Nielsen Soundscan. Meanwhile, Kid Cudi — who pulled a Beyonce and released his new album, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon” without fanfare — had quite a respectable showing as well, with 87,000 copies, Billboard reports. Will more artists try this tactic in the future?

Plus, “Frozen” continues to dominate the world in general with a No. 2 album, selling 91,000 this week. More proof: Idina Menzel propelled “Let It Go” from the movie’s soundtrack into the Top 5 songs of the week. Another Oscar-nominated song, Pharrell’s “Happy,” came in at No. 1.