Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

I know I’m not the only one listening to the O’Jays right now. As I type this, #backstabbers is trending on Twitter.

(AP Photo/ABC, Eric McCandless)

This week’s episode was about loyalty, even though there wasn’t much of it going around. Was there anyone who didn’t get played? Let’s recap, shall we?

Look, Fitz and Olivia, we get it — you’re passionate. But having Jake (Command!) stand guard as a hotel tryst turns into an all out screaming match? I’d applaud Olivia’s standing up to Fitz if I believed she wasn’t still daydreaming about Vermont.

Much of the episode revolved around Mellie, easily the most loyal of the bunch. We learn that Fitz’s VP pick, Andrew Nichols, saved Mellie from a drug overdose 14 years ago. She had attempted suicide after Fitz’s father, Big Jerry, raped her. Andrew proves he still carries a flame for Mellie, taking the fall when a reporter threatens to reveal the presence of drugs at the governor’s mansion back when Fitz held that office. Olivia later discovers that Mellie was the one who took the drugs and warns her not to continue an affair with Andrew. (Hey Kettle, it’s your old friend, Pot!) Mellie reveals that she never cheated on Fitz.

Mellie doesn’t mince words. (AP Photo/ABC, Eric McCandless)

After struggling to fight their feelings, Mellie  and Andrew share a kiss under the watchful gaze of Jackie Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt, whose portraits adorn the walls.

This episode also marked the return of Dabby! Abby said the L word to David, who was was initially reluctant to say it back. And who could blame him? If anyone’s entitled to trust issues, it’s David Rosen. He said “I love you” when he thought his life was in danger and in the ultimate show of love and loyalty, Abby saved her man from death by Cyrus/Charlie.

David would not have been in danger if it weren’t for James, who is clearly in over his head as Publius (not to mention White House press secretary). When Cyrus orders James to set up an interview between Fitz and “Style reporter” Vanessa Chandler, he scrambles to cover his tracks. At least he finally acknowledged what a ridiculous name Publius is:

David: “Why did you choose that name?”

James: “It has historical significance. Also, I never said it out loud.”

James isn’t the only one who is struggling to be as sinister as everyone else on the show. Quinn’s Baby Huck card got revoked when Olivia caught her spying on her after a tense dinner date with Papa Pope. When confronted, the Gladiator formerly known as Quinn threatened to shoot — yes, shoot — the formidable Olivia Pope.

Impressive hacking skills, notwithstanding, let’s just say that Quinn isn’t exactly a fan favorite at the moment.

Liv still seems intent on protecting Quinn, confronting Jake about Quinn’s dubious B613 status. In one of my favorite exchanges of the night, Jake finally called Olivia out on making him her “beard” (+1000) and dissed her dietary choices, confounding Gladiators everywhere.

Huck, who apparently did not get the memo on what does and does not constitute real food, creepily brings Olivia several cups of coffee, which he later reveals is an effort to get back into her good graces. When she tells him he went too far with Quinn, he gives her the ultimate reality check: “Monsters eat people, Liv. It’s what we do.”

Here’s hoping Harrison was within earshot and heard Huck’s warning. He’s still getting it in with Adnan Salif.

Adnan shows up to Fitz’s campaign fundraiser, pledging her support — and lots of money — to the Grant administration. Also there is Hollis Doyle, who has pledged support to both Fitz and Sally, which is very Hollis of him. He also seems onto Sally, who is still obsessing over what she did to poor Daniel Douglas.

“Scandal” is known for dropping bombs in the last minute and this week was no different: Tom, who we know from Fitz’s Secret Service detail, is actually B613!

And the major 11th hour reveal: Adnan Salif is working with none other than Mama Pope…who will probably eat everyone.

Lingering questions: What does Olivia mean she doesn’t know if she has feelings for Jake? She’s seen him shirtless, right? Does Harrison know about Adnan’s connection to Mama Pope? Will Mellie give into temptation? Just what is Hollis up to? And does Quinn really want in at B613?