Bobby Moynihan, Lena Dunham on “SNL” (Dana Edelson/NBC)

The always-polarizing Lena Dunham hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and if you bet in your “SNL” pool that she was going to make fun of all the nudity on her HBO show, “Girls” — congratulations! You earned some cash money. Indeed, “Girls” creator/star Dunham (who has become famous for being so naked all the time on the series) made lots of jokes about her show’s risque scenes.

In case you missed the episode, here’s a rundown of every question you could have had when you heard Dunham was going to host “SNL.”

Did she bring up the fact that’s always naked on “Girls”? 

Yes, yes she did. It was the very first bit in her monologue: “If you’re nervous about giving a speech just imagine the audience naked. Or at least imagine they haven’t seen you naked,” she told the crowd.

The downside: “Now, complete strangers feel like they can walk up to me and just tell me details about their sex lives that I never wanted to know.”


Did she get actually get naked? 

Yes, yes she did. With everything blurred out for broadcast TV, of course. She and Taran Killam starred as Adam and Eve in a trailer for a new biblical film: Lena Dunham’s take on the life of Eve as “a struggling 20-something in the Garden of Eden.” (Adam, of course, being based on Dunham’s character’s bizarre boyfriend Adam on “Girls.”) A.O. Scott says about this film: “Even for Adam and Eve, there’s a lot of nudity.”


Did she make fun of anything else in pop culture beside her own show?

There was a pretty great “Scandal” parody: Dunham (a self-professed “Scandal” fan) played a new gladiator named Kelsey who couldn’t quite keep up with Olivia Pope’s rapid-fire demands. (Who wouldn’t have a thousand follow-up questions??)

Olivia: “Okay everyone, we have a situation. A woman was found dead in the Mexican ambassador’s mansion, but my gut tells me he did not kill her. So we need to handle this fast. Harrison, break into the CIA and find out who would want to frame him.”

Harrison: “Got it.”

Olivia: “Quinn, Huck, hack into the NSA and get the surveillance footage.”

Quinn/Huck: “On it.”

Olivia: “Abby, burn down the crime scene and make it look like an electrical fire.”

Abby: “Easy.”

Olivia: “And I need someone to fly to Mexico and place a bug on the ambassador’s wife. Kelsey, why don’t you do that.”

Kelsey/Dunham: (shell-shocked) “Ummm…okay. I mean I’ll totally go but you just talk so fast and I have literally have a thousand follow-up questions.”


Did Jon Hamm show up for no reason?

Um, obviously. For a fake talk show, “What Are You Even Doing? You’re Being Crazy.”


Was Liam Neeson there?

As a matter of fact he was, sending threatening messages to Vladimir Putin with Jay Pharaoh/President Obama and making “Taken” jokes.


Anything else topical?

Well, Dunham did play Liza Minnelli, still stung at being left out of Ellen’s giant selfie at the Oscars.


Did every single one of Dunham’s characters have the exact same mannerisms and vocal inflections as Hannah on “Girls”?

You bet. Dunham’s acting range is not what you would call “extensive.”


Did Dunham rap?