Bob from The Walking Dead (AMC.)

Note: This recap contains spoilers.

All roads (or train tracks) point to a place call Terminus, but how the fractured remains of the close-knit prison community will all get there is unclear.

Take Bob, Sasha and Maggie. While Maggie’s ultimate goal is to find Glenn, there is no trail to follow and no indication of where he went. When the trio sees signs for the alleged sanctuary called Terminus, Maggie expresses hope she will finally cross paths with her husband there. Bob agrees, saying it’s the best lead they have stumbled upon so far.

Sasha has opposed Maggie’s search from the start. Sasha wants to stop in a home or building and take shelter, and expresses this to Bob while the two are alone at their campsite. Maggie (seemingly off to find more firewood) overhears them and takes off on her own.

So, Maggie is looking for Glenn, then Bob and Sasha are looking for Maggie, and then eventually Maggie and Sasha are looking for Bob, who decides to leave Sasha at a town along the train tracks after a heartfelt talk on what it means to be alone.

It took Bob two stints of solo wilderness living to decide it’s not the best survival tactic. Maggie comes to this realization after she ditches them and encounters a large group of walkers, and Sasha is barely alone for more than a minute in this episode before she breaks down in tears. If the zombie apocalypse has taught these people anything, it’s to stick together. When all three eventually find each other at the end of the episode, it’s safe to stay they are all on the same page about following the train tracks to Terminus.

Another duo that is stuck together? Beth and Daryl — Beth is even trying her hand with the crossbow. Before she can even fire a shot, though, she twists her ankle.

With help from Daryl they make it to an abandoned funeral home. They are confused but happy to find it’s immaculate and clean — even food in the kitchen is free of dust, leading them to think someone has been storing items there for safe keeping.

Beth is limping around but in good spirits, at one point playing the piano while Daryl lies in a coffin to rest. The two are getting close – dare I say, romantically close? They are eying each other just when zombies have to interrupt and attack. They come to the door in a massive horde, and Daryl yells to Beth to run. She seemingly does more than that — Daryl beats back zombies only to see a car drive off without him. He calls out to Beth to stop but the car keeps driving.

Daryl is not alone for long. After a stint of running along a road by himself he’s surrounded by some unsavory-looking men. He punches a man named Joe in the nose, but is stopped from attacking the rest because he’s outnumbered. In the end, it looks like he’ll be teaming up with this group not because he wants to, but because he has no other choice. And Beth is nowhere in sight.

Romance report: Bob and Sasha are now a thing. Bob kisses her before he sets off to find Maggie towards the end of the episode. Will wait to see that develop.

As for Daryl and Beth, it’s clear Beth is a lovesick teenager. She can’t help but love the rather surly man that has helped kept her alive and kept her company for so many days. And this episode confirmed Daryl might kind of like her back. But they are separated now, so who knows how far this will go.

Unanswered questions: Did Beth really abandon Daryl, or was someone else driving the car? And who are Joe and his cronies?